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“Be Treated Like a Person and not a Client”

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Need a solicitor in Cronulla? Call Wayne Pasterfield now!

Wayne is a local Shire lawyer with over 35 years’ experience as a traffic and criminal lawyer in Cronulla and the wider Shire area. He’s dedicated to treating his clients like people, not case numbers, so when you trust Wayne as your legal counsel you can be sure he’ll explain everything in plain English and always be on your side throughout the process, from police interview/s and court appearances to appeals and every stage in between. Wayne has appeared for clients in courts across Sydney, from local courts to district courts – even the Supreme Court and the High Court. No matter what you’re facing, whether it’s an assault charge, a speeding fine, a reckless driving charge or anything else, you can be confident that Wayne Pasterfield has the skills, experience and commitment to help get you the best possible outcome.

Wayne’s offices are located just fifteen minutes’ drive away from the middle of Cronulla via Kingsway and President Avenue. You can also catch the T4 and walk a minute from Sutherland Station. For more information about how Wayne can help, or to make an appointment, call 8539 7607 now.