If you need a drink driving solicitor in Sutherland or surrounds, he will apply his experience in the Traffic Offenders’ Program, as well as his experience in criminal law, to give you the best quality representation. With his help, you will understand your rights and responsibilities, and you will get a fair outcome.

If you are in need of a drugs solicitor, he will offer the best of his 35 years’ experience in a responsible and ethical manner.

If you are in need of assault lawyers, Wayne will ensure you understand the charges and that your side is heard in Court.

The services offered by Wayne Pasterfield, The Shire Lawyer are personal and special. Unlike some other solicitors in Sutherland and of course the wider city area, he won’t treat you like a file number with an ATM attached. You will be treated like a real person who deserves the utmost professional representation.

Wayne talks to people in a friendly, down to Earth manner so you will feel comfortable and safe.

Wayne will talk to you in a conference by either phone or in person.

Wayne will go to Court for you and fight hard for your rights and get you the best possible result.

If you are in trouble with the Police or you have to go to Court or you just need some friendly advice from an experienced solicitor, call or email Wayne. You can reach him on 02 8539 7607, or by emailing His office is contactable 24/7 and he will return your call or email as soon as possible.