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Privacy Policy

Wayne Pasterfield Shire Law Privacy Policy ABN 57447908503

  1. Any personal information collected is reasonably necessary for our business functions and activity. We collect things such as your name, address, phone numbers, age and gender in relation to information needed to conduct your legal proceedings.
  2. We record this personal information on our hard file and it is not stored on a computer in any way. The information collected and held relates to personal information needed to advise and represent you in legal proceedings in accordance with your instructions. All emails and other electronically transferred information is printed, kept on a hard file and then deleted from any computer.
  3. We collect your personal information such as your name, address, contact details etc. and details of your legal case for use in assisting you get the best possible result in Court. It is not shared with any other entity and we are bound by lawyer/client confidential laws and rules.
  4. If you wish to amend any personal information given to Wayne Pasterfield of Shirelaw, you may simply contact Wayne Pasterfield either by phone at 0285397607 or by email at
  5. If Wayne Pasterfield engages another lawyer or barrister to assist with your case, your personal information will only be shared with those people with your consent.
  6. If you wish to ask any questions about your case or the privacy of your case, simply contact Wayne Pasterfield by either of the methods mentioned above.
  7. More information about privacy law and principles is available from the Privacy Commissioner at

Dated at Sutherland NSW this 29th May 2020 and created by Wayne Pasterfield principal lawyer.