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Court Solicitor Sydney

Court Solicitor in Sydney – Our Goals

Are you facing any criminal charges, and don’t know what your rights and options are? Need a court solicitor in Sydney?

Have you received a speeding fine or a traffic penalty that you believe is incorrect?

Do you want a court solicitor in Sydney who is really on your side?

Wayne Pasterfield is an experienced solicitor that can help. As an assault lawyer, he has appeared in many Sydney courts at different levels, from the Local Court to the Supreme Court. He understands that it can be difficult to access affordable quality legal help in some suburbs, which is why he is happy to travel to other suburbs to represent clients at the police station or in Court. His office is contactable 24/7, so you can get a message to his team whenever you’re in need.

Wayne’s Experience

With over 35 years’ experience as a lawyer, including 20 years as a lecturer at the Traffic Offender’s Program and decades spent living in the Shire, Wayne has the expertise you need to get through any police interview/s, court appearances and other processes with less stress and less hassles. He’ll explain your rights and responsibilities in plain English, and help you make the decisions that are right for you. Most importantly, he is a court solicitor in Sydney that will be on your side.

Find Your Solicitor in Sydney Today

Wayne’s offices are located just 40 minutes’ drive from the CBD via the Princes Highway, and they’re easy to get to via public transport. Wayne can also travel to help and represent you in any court in the wider Sydney area. For more information or to book an appointment (remember, your first half hour is free!), call 8539 7607 now or submit an enquiry through our contact form.

Assault Solicitor in Sydney

Are you facing assault charges and require an assault solicitor in Sydney? Need to be informed of your rights and require some help navigating the legal process? Wayne Pasterfield is here to help.
View our Assault Solicitor information here.

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