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Traffic Offences Lawyer Sutherland Shire

Traffic Offences Lawyer Near You in Sutherland Shire

We all know that it is not hard to get a ticket or get pulled over by the Police for a traffic offence. Speeding, red lights, stop signs, school zones, parking, demerit points, fine default, drunk driving, driving without a licence….the list is endless.

With so many ways to get a traffic offence, you need an experienced lawyer in your corner to fight your offence. That is why Shire Lawyers offers a traffic offences lawyer to help you with your legal needs. Shire Law has a high success rate and seeks to provide the best legal support you can get in the Sutherland Shire and across Sydney. Wayne will fight for you and use years of legal experience to attain the most optimal outcome given a person’s situation.

Don’t just cop it on the chin. If you think you have been harshly done by, if you have to go to court or if you want to fight the charge in court and have your say, call Wayne for advice. Wayne is a criminal defence lawyer in the Sutherland Shire that can help you overcome your traffic offences. No matter your offence, as a traffic offences lawyer, Wayne is there to help with your defence and give you the best outcome for your trial possible.

Wayne’s Traffic Expertise

Wayne lectures at the Traffic Offenders Program at Sutherland so he knows the traffic laws back to front and inside out. Additionally, with many years of experience in traffic law and other areas of law, Wayne has the well-rounded knowledge required to fight your charges.

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If you require a traffic offences lawyer, call or email Wayne today to get in touch. View Wayne’s other services and what type of legal advice you can receive.

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