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A lawyer in the Sutherland Shire you can trust
The Most Trusted Local Defence Lawyer in the Sutherland Shire For 40 Years
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The services offered by Wayne Pasterfield, the Shire Lawyer are personal and special, unlike some other solicitors in the Sutherland Shire. Of course the wider city area, but at Shire Law we won’t treat you like a file number with an ATM attached. You will be treated like a real person who deserves the utmost professional representation.

Court Appeals

If you need a drink driving solicitor in the Sutherland Shire or surrounds, he will apply his experience in the Traffic Offenders’ Program, as well as his experience in criminal law, to give you the best quality representation. With his help, you will understand your rights and responsibilities, and you will get a fair outcome.

Criminal Offences

If you have been in trouble with the Police for any criminal offences whether it be Assault, Drugs, AVO, Drink Driving, Traffic Matters etc. call Wayne. He has appeared in hundreds of matters over many years and his success rate is extremely high.

Traffic Offences

Wayne lectures at the Traffic Offender’s Program at Sutherland so he knows the traffic laws back to front and inside out. Call or email Wayne for help, you will not be sorry.

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The Most Trusted Local Defence Lawyer in the Sutherland Shire For Over 35 Years

Wayne Pasterfield is a highly-experienced defence Sutherland Shire lawyer. Serving locally and all other areas of Sydney, appearing in Courts throughout New South Wales.

A criminal lawyer in the Sutherland Shire you can trust

Wayne has decades of experience working independently and with other lawyers, as well as 20+ years as a lecturer in the Traffic Offenders’ Program in Sutherland. His main focus lies in criminal and traffic law, and can help clients facing a wide range of charges from drug possession and drink driving to assault and more. He has successfully assisted clients facing a wide range of matters. If you have been arrested, charged with an offence or if you have been given a summons, you can rely on Wayne to give you straight-up advice and a fair go.

Personal laywer and solicitor services delivered with respect in mind

Wayne prides himself on treating his clients like people, not like case numbers or ATMs; you will always get compassionate, professional representation at fair and reasonable rates. As a reputable defence lawyer in Sydney, Wayne will fight hard for your rights and help you through every step of your matter, from police interview/s to court appearances and everything in between. His aim is to make sure that you know your rights and responsibilities, and that you never feel overwhelmed by the bureaucracy and formality of going to court or dealing with law enforcement.

People looking for drugs solicitors or assault lawyers will find Wayne to be understanding and experienced counsel who will work with you cooperatively towards achieving the most optimal result for you. Providing vigorous representation and intelligent support and guidance throughout the legal process, Wayne will ensure you fully understand each step and are never left in the dark about your situation.

Access results-based support and lawyer services in the Sutherland Shire

If you’re looking for criminal lawyers in Sutherland, Wayne’s office is conveniently located in the middle of the town, not far from the train station or the highway turnoff. He can also come to you should you need his help at the police station or at any court in the wider Sydney area.
For more information or to make an appointment, call 8539 7607 now. The office is contactable 24/7. General enquiries can also be made through our contact form or via email at pasterfieldlaw@bigpond.com. Start a conversation with Wayne and find out how he can be of assistance.